Adam Steltzner

Explorer of the solar system, student of human nature, engineer, writer, speaker and general loose cannon.

In The Right Kind of Crazy, Adam Steltzner, an engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory who led the ‘Entry, Descent and Landing’ team, shares his story of the rover's ‘seven-minutes of terror’ – its nerve-racking landing routine. But he also shares the ten years of hard work that led up to it, and the techniques he used to manage and lead the team behind this extraordinary achievement. With tips for how to get around creative block, move from fear-based to ‘curiosity-based decision-making,’ and manage difficult employees, The Right Kind of Crazy offers a fresh and personal perspective for leading a high-stakes, high-intensity workplace.” (full review here)

The Washington Post, “Top Nine Leadership Books to Watch for 2016”


“Steltzner’s enthusiastic, passionately written memoir is an insider’s guide to engineering wizardry and a testament to the effectiveness of team-minded engagement, rational problem-solving, and the concept of ‘making ideas reality.’ A motivational journey for armchair astronauts and readers fascinated by the unlimited wingspan of human potential.” (full review here)
Kirkus Reviews  


“refreshingly candid . . . in clear, straightforward prose, Steltzner offers some choice engineering and team-building tidbits”